About me

Hey there! Well, since you are reading the content that I create, I assume, it would be fair if you knew a few things about me.

My name is Nare. I am a girl in my early twenties with a formal educational background in business and economics and a wide range of informal interests including all forms of art, travelling, science, photography, yoga, languages, etc.

It’s been several years since I’ve been blogging. Writing has been a passion of mine from early childhood. Initially, I started blogging to fulfill my curiosity. I’d either learn about a topic or see something that fascinated me, then, I’d ponder upon it and write about it. This was my way of digesting information and forming opinions. Later on, I realized that my content actually interests and attracts people, so, I decided to do some freelance writing as well.

As for my character and aspirations, I am one of these people who grasp complex concepts pretty easily but tend to overplan, overthink and overanalyze everything. However, currently, all my efforts are directed towards living in present, seeing beauty in the tiny things that surround us, taking all the opportunities that arise and simply enjoying every instant of my life.