Strengths and Weaknesses

Strenghts and Weaknesses

Nowadays, the Internet is overwhelmed with thousands of articles with promising titles, such as “10 ways to boost productivity”, “5 methods to reach maximum efficiency”, “20 ways to cultivate diligence”, “7 ways to get smarter”, etc.  But do these suggestions really make any difference?

Surely, all these recommendations are nice, useful and all (as long as one does have the necessary willpower and determination to work on himself/herself constantly). However, such suggestions and advice have the same sole disadvantage; they teach people how to suppress their weaknesses, instead of teaching them how to use their strengths to leave their weaknesses in shadow.

Let me tell you a thought-provoking story.

One day, the king of animals makes up his mind to found a sports school for animals where they can become stronger and physically well-prepared at all kinds of sports. Animals were supposed to practice running, swimming, jogging, flying, etc.
At first, each of the animals were rather good at one of these fields but not as good at others. Fish were extremely good at swimming, but they could not practice running and flying, kangaroos, on the other hand, exhibited excellent results in jogging and running, but they got F-s for swimming. Birds, in their turn, could do nothing but fly…..

Dissatisfied with the results, the king decided to make each animal practice the sports they’re particularly bad at. After a month, they scheduled a competition. The results astonished everyone; fish could not swim, as they had damaged their body trying hard to run, birds could not fly, as they had injured their wings during their futile attempts of swimming, kangaroos were unable to jog, because their abundant swimming classes had completely exhausted their energy.

The bottom line: Do not concentrate on getting rid of your weaknesses. Instead, focus on cultivating your strengths, so that you can develop competitive advantage and find a unique way of being  successful, productive, efficient, etc.


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