The Omnipotent Willpower


Every single person in the world seeks for success. The notion of success is unique for each; for some it is a well-paid job, for others-a loving spouse and children, yet for others,  it may be money, or a bunch of other things. Regardless of the definition of success, everyone agrees that possession of certain characteristics can help one win the “marathon”.  Numerous articles and books are written about the cultivation of these characteristics, which include diligence, persistence, intelligence, etc.  However, I think, all of these are pointless unless accompanied with willpower; the actual determinant of success.

Surely, all the characteristics listed above are important particles of success, but none of these solely can make one successful, whereas willpower alone can substitute all of these. Strong-willed people can always force themselves to work day and night to achieve the necessary result, which is diligence. Strong-willed people can identify their weaknesses and work on themselves to get rid of these without giving up, which is persistence. They can also identify their strengths and adhere to these opening up their potential.  People who have willpower are tolerant, they have self-control and self-discipline. They master the art of shaping strong habits and sticking to them.  Willpower is the only characteristic enabling one to control his/her own thoughts.

The famous experiment conducted by professors at Stanford University, gives a scientific basis to the significance of willpower.  So called “Marshmallow Test “ was designed to test several children’s willpower and its impact in their future. They were given a marshmallow and asked not to eat it for an hour, if they ate it they would not deserve marshmallows anymore, but if they were patient enough to wait, they would deserve a few more. Most of the kids gave up easily and ate their marshmallows.  However, those who could wait and double their reward turned out to be more successful people in their teenage as well as adult years.


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