Art Through My Prism

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Art, particularly in visual forms, has always fascinated me. I could sit for hours and study a piece of painting, trying to genuinely feel every single line, marvel the beauty and reveal the artist’s thoughts and emotions concealed in the work. Later, when I was drawing, I would try to put my emotions in delicate lines, trying to make them precise, visually appealing, as close to ideal as possible. Trying to make my drawings as beautiful as possible I felt that I refined and purified my sensations; it made me better. However, only a few years ago did I realize that my understanding of art was too limited and partial.

Travelling in Europe and exploring various museums, studying the lives of painters and understanding the contexts within which the artists have been creating, I opened up a new kind of art for me, the one that is not merely aesthetic but also philosophical, the one that conveys much deeper meaning and reveals the truth of the reality of the particular time.

Recently, I have got especially fascinated by modernism, which I couldn’t understand previously. Modernist pieces of art are the products of development and evolution of human individuality. The movement started at the end of the 19th century and got its momentum in the 20th century; a period full of historical events. Modernism emerged when artists started to realize that the illusionary world representing all the subtleties of the real one, cannot become it anyway. This brought about another idea: The accuracy of the portrayal is not the sole truth in art; the feelings, concerns and thought of the creators are.

The reality we live in constantly changes. We are surrounded by social controversy. Artists are the ones who open up the doors to the reality of the particular time. Not only do they clean up their souls of emotional outbursts but they  also convey thoughts and messages in a uniquely thought-provoking and sensational manner.  In this case, accuracy, precision and aesthetics of the creations become less important.

I believe, the evolution of art never ceases; art evolves as long as humanity exists and time passes. Various new movements will come and go and yet the truth is that once created artworks separate from their creators and become representations of their reality that will always retain their message and value no matter how much time has passed…


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