Persepolis and The Diary of A Young Girl: Identity Formation

Recently, I watched the animated movie "Persepolis",  the screening of the autobiographic graphic novel of the same name by Persian novelist Marjan Satrapi, which I had read a few years ago. In line with a well-portrayed political situation and historical events occurring in the wartime Iran, an interesting depiction in “Perespolis”, was the formation and … Continue reading Persepolis and The Diary of A Young Girl: Identity Formation


Consciousness and the Self

  The topics of self and consciousness are two of the mysteries that scientists, psychologists, philosophers carry on researching, debating about and proposing various hypotheses. From Plato to the contemporary neuroscience specialists, everyone has considered their responsibility to develop a theory that addresses the issue. However, none of these theories is proven and, most probably, won't be … Continue reading Consciousness and the Self

Artificial Intelligence: Good or Evil?

Gaining increasing popularity, artificial intelligence has become a subject of numerous debates among scholars, well-educated individuals as well as everyone who enjoys watching sci-fi movies and fantasizing afterwards.  Even though I don't like generalizations, I'm gonna divide the opinions into two major categories; utopian and dystopian. The utopian group includes those who are overoptimistic about … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: Good or Evil?