Consciousness and the Self


The topics of self and consciousness are two of the mysteries that scientists, psychologists, philosophers carry on researching, debating about and proposing various hypotheses. From Plato to the contemporary neuroscience specialists, everyone has considered their responsibility to develop a theory that addresses the issue. However, none of these theories is proven and, most probably, won’t be proven for a while. Some of the unanswered questions are:

  • What is the self?
  • What is the function of consciousness?
  • What determines experiences of volition and ‘will’?

In line with the scholars, pretty much every single person has their unique perception and opinion about the issue.  To understand what are some of the common ideas about the self and consciousness, I researched all possible theories and prepared an infographic summarizing these theories. Uncertainty and unresolved science puzzles have always amazed me. Such questions are the key drivers of progress; these controversies give us a chance to put our creativity into use, answer questions that once were considered unanswerable and innovate in ways that once were considered fictional, magical and impossible.

As long as there is no definite answer, each of you can choose the one that sounds the most compelling and realistic to you. However, whatever the very essence of the self is, one thing is certain; we can rely on its power to develop, outperform ourselves and erase the limits.




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