Capture The Moment

Have you ever experienced the epic moment of waking up in the morning and feeling that you are not the same? You have reached the tipping point and something has changed deep inside you. It is not one of the changes that can be categorized as positive or negative, neither it’s one of those that people around you will notice easily; you are the only one who clearly realizes this unprecedented shift and it gives you a sense of relief, a taste of renaissance with a flavor of jollity. The very arrival of this moment gives you strength and power to express yourself fully, to make your inside out, to speak up and to reach your destination. This moment makes you forget everything in the world, yet, remember who you are and where you strive to go. It is as though motivation flows in your veins with the speed of light and the sole fear that you have is the one that this feeling will not last eternally; it will leave you and you will lose your superhuman abilities that seem to be so real. Then, emotions calm down, you restore your inner harmony and you know that the feeling is gone. At the same moment though, you realize that the trace of the marvelous feeling will reside in your heart forever. The tiny seed has been planted and it will grow to be a permanent particle of your invisible self. The awareness of this fact makes you utterly joyful.
Have you ever experienced this mesmerizing feeling?

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